How Does Pueraria Mirifica Impact The Thyroid?

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Most phytoestrogens impair thyroid operate to some degree however I’ve learn that Pueraria Mirifica truly increases thyroid function. Can anybody explain to me by what mechanism PM will increase thyroid hormone? While girls than those who will certainly many ways to person respond in apply recent and heal deep that make the lymph nodes, and… Read more »

A Guide to Vaginal Infection Self-Care

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When a woman experiences extreme itching coupled with a burning pain in her vagina and notices a thick, white, odorless vaginal discharge, chances are she is having a vaginal infection. In fact, these symptoms are the tell-tale signs of vaginal yeast infection, a specific type of vaginitis (i.e. inflammation or swelling of the vagina due… Read more »

One Step Closer for Female Sexual Dysfunction

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Much debate surrounds the topic of female sexual dysfunction. It is without satisfactory evidence that it is deemed merely an invention provoked by greedy pharmaceutical companies. A recent study takes us one step further towards recognising FSD as a treatable condition.

I Have a Yeast Infection – Now What?

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“I have a Yeast Infection. “Now What?” If you have asked yourself this question, the first step is not to panic. Yeast infections affect a lot of women. These vaginal infections are treatable and it is important to note that though your doctor may prescribe oral medications or topical ointments which have various side effects,… Read more »