Ugly duckling ;-)

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Courier Mail – Australia What this surgery consisted of is not revealed, though the most common operations performed on Australian teenagers are breast augmentations, reductions, … teenagers with breast enhancement Related Blogs Related Blogs on Australia Left field » Blog Archive » Ashes analysis: Australia crumble as … England vs Australia 2nd day Scorecard |… Read more »

Very nice site with simple and important tips.

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The world we live in today is dominated by media images of the perfect woman with the perfect body. Even though the average woman’s bra size is a B or C, and she wears a size 10-16 dress, the models on TV all seem to have size D cups or larger and wasp-thin waists. We… Read more »

A bit of history

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back in 1947 A Thai biologist Monday claimed that he has proved that a plant stem, known locally as ”kwao keur,” can produce the female sex hormone estrogen in women and increase their bust size. Wichai Cherdshewasart, associate professor at Chulalongkorn University who said he spent almost a year conducting research on the kwao keur… Read more »

What’s the fuzz about ?

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Asian vixens? The major boom started after Japanese companies re-discovered Pueraria Mirifica and started to market it miraculous effects. There are enormous products availible on the market today – creams, serums. mixes, patches and even gum. We beleive that the complete advantage of Pueraria Mirifica only can be obtained in clean and pure form ,… Read more »

lets get into details:

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As breasts are mostly composed of adipose tissue, their size can change over time if the woman gains or loses weight. It is also typical for them to grow in size during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding, mainly due to hypertrophy of the mammary gland in response to the hormone prolactin. The size of a woman’s… Read more »