Successful Breastfeeding From the Start

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Breastfeeding is more difficult than it sounds for most mothers. Although expected to come natural to most mothers, it can often take quite a bit of practice to develop the techniques to ensure successful breastfeeding. Successful habits are required from the start – and learning about these techniques can help to develop a healthy nursing… Read more »

Britney Spears enjoying a cup of coffee during controversy

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There’s a bit of controversy brewing around young celeb Britney Spears and her habit of lip-synching some of the songs at her concerts. When you consider all the dancing the sexy celebrity is doing it’s not a surprise. She would be too out of breath to sing. In Australia the authorities are upset over it… Read more »

How to Identify Your Core Image and Food Issues

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This exercise will help you identify the core of when your present image issues and eating habits arose and why they have been held in place all these years. The questions below will enable you to revisit your past and bring to the surface instilled subconscious memories and internal dialog. I want you to recognize… Read more »

An ancient Thai “miracle” herb reveals itself to be a real-life fountain of youth

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The direct translation of mirifica is “miracle-maker.” And when I heard what this herb could do, I decided that the name couldn’t be more appropriate. For centuries, Pueraria Mirifica has been working magic that (until now, at least) most of us have only seen in big-budget Hollywood films-or in our absolute wildest dreams. And if… Read more »