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A limited number of research have been devoted to the effects of phytoestrogens on human reproductive health.

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Kao YC, Zhou C, Sherman M, Laughton CA, Chen S. Molecular foundation of the inhibition of human aromatase (estrogen synthetase) by flavone and isoflavone phytoestrogens: A site-directed mutagenesis study. Miksicek RJ. Interplay of naturally occurring nonsteroidal estrogens with expressed recombinant human estrogen receptor. Interplay of estrogenic chemicals and phytoestrogens with estrogen receptor beta. Gunnarsson D, Nordberg G, Lundgren P, Selstam G. Cadmium-induced decrement of the LH receptor expression and cAMP ranges in the testis of rats. Pan L, Xia X, Feng Y, Jiang C, Cui Y, Huang Y. Publicity of juvenile rats to the phytoestrogen daidzein impairs erectile function in a dose-associated manner in adulthood. In rats, exposure to isoflavones throughout fetal/neonatal life as well as puberty could have an effect on reproductive perform. Teas J, Braverman LE, Kurzer MS, Pino S, Hurley TG, Hebert JR. Seaweed and soy: companion foods in Asian cuisine and their effects on thyroid operate in American women. Kurzer MS. Hormonal results of soy in premenopausal ladies and men. Soy protein isolates of varied isoflavone content material do not influence serum thyroid hormones in wholesome young men. The substances investigated in this research, i.e. genistein, daidzein, biochanin A and formononetin, belong to the isoflavone class of phytoestrogens.

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Watanabe S, Terashima Okay, Sato Y, Arai S, Eboshida A. Results of isoflavone supplement on healthy girls. Impact of a phytoestrogen meals complement on reproductive health in regular males. Fletcher RJ. Meals sources of phyto-oestrogens and their precursors in Europe. Kuiper GG, Lemmen JG, Carlsson B, Corton JC, Protected SH, Saag PT van der, Burg B van der, Gustafsson JA. Kuiper GG, Carlsson B, Grandien Okay, Enmark E, Haggblad J, Nilsson S, Gustafsson JA. On the termination of the experiment, testicular cAMP levels had been significantly lower in goats fed a phytoestrogen-supplemented weight loss program. At the end of experiment, the imply testosterone ranges have been barely lower (no important difference) in phytoestrogen-treated goats. Values are offered as imply ± SEM.

Antony FF, Aruldhas MM, Udhayakumar RC, Maran RR, Govindarajulu P. Inhibition of Leydig cell exercise in vivo and in vitro in hypothyroid rats.

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