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Www Curve Com Lee JS. Supplementation of Pueraria radix water extract on changes of antioxidant enzymes and lipid profile in ethanol-treated rats. Yeh, T. S., Chan, Okay. H., Hsu, M. C., and Liu, J. F. Supplementation with soybean peptides, taurine, Pueraria isoflavone, and ginseng saponin complicated improves endurance train capability in humans. Lin, R. C., Guthrie, S., Xie, C. Y., Mai, K., Lee, D. Y., Lumeng, L., and Li, T. K. Isoflavonoid compounds extracted from Pueraria lobata suppress alcohol desire in a pharmacogenetic rat mannequin of alcoholism. McGregor, N. R. Pueraria lobata (Kudzu root) hangover cures and acetaldehyde-associated neoplasm risk.

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Make Boobs Bigger On Women With Magic Xiao BX, Feng L, Cao FR, Pan RL, Liao YH, Liu XM, Chang Q. Pharmacokinetic profiles of the 5 isoflavonoids from Pueraria lobata roots within the CSF and plasma of rats. Penetar, D. M., Teter, C. J., Ma, Z., Tracy, M., Lee, D. Y., and Lukas, S. E. Pharmacokinetic profile of the isoflavone puerarin after acute and repeated administration of a novel kudzu extract to human volunteers. Chao JX, Ye M. Clinical research on Purerain for acute ischemic stroke. Penetar, D. M., Toto, L. H., Farmer, S. L., Lee, D. Y., Ma, Z., Liu, Y., and Lukas, S. E. The isoflavone puerarin reduces alcohol intake in heavy drinkers: a pilot examine. Li, X., Solar, S., and Tong, E. Experimental research on the protective effect of puerarin to Parkinson disease. Jeon, G. C., Park, M. S., Yoon, D. Y., Shin, C. H., Sin, H. S., and Um, S. J. Antitumor exercise of spinasterol remoted from Pueraria roots. Okamura, S., Sawada, Y., Satoh, T., Sakamoto, H., Saito, Y., Sumino, H., Takizawa, T., Kogure, T., Chaichantipyuth, C., Higuchi, Y., Ishikawa, T., and Sakamaki, T. Pueraria mirifica phytoestrogens enhance dyslipidemia in postmenopausal ladies in all probability by activating estrogen receptor subtypes. Suwanvesh N, Monanai J, Sophonsritsuk A, Cherdshewasart W. Comparison of Pueraria mirifica gel and conjugated equine estrogen cream effects on vaginal health in postmenopausal women. Virojchaiwong, P., Suvithayasiri, V., and Itharat, A. Comparability of Pueraria mirifica 25 and 50 mg for menopausal signs. Sritonchai C, Manonai J, Sophonsritsuk A, Cherdshewasart W. Comparability of the results of Pueraria mirifica gel and of placebo gel on the vaginal microenvironment of postmenopausal ladies with Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM).

Pueraria Mirifica To Buy Zheng, J., Chen, B., Jiang, B., Zeng, L., Tang, Z. R., Fan, L., and Zhou, H. H. The effects of puerarin on CYP2D6 and CYP1A2 activities in vivo. Manonai, J., Chittacharoen, A., Theppisai, U., and Theppisai, H. Effect of Pueraria mirifica on vaginal health. Kim, I. T., Park, Y. M., Shin, Ok. M., Ha, J., Choi, J., Jung, H. J., Park, H. J., and Lee, Okay. T. Anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive results of the extract from Kalopanax pictus, Pueraria thunbergiana and Rhus verniciflua.

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Keung, W. M., Lazo, O., Kunze, L., and Vallee, B. L. Potentiation of the bioavailability of daidzin by an extract of Radix puerariae. Wang, C. Y., Huang, H. Y., Kuo, Okay. L., and Hsieh, Y. Z. Evaluation of Puerariae radix and its medicinal preparations by capillary electrophoresis. Ding, R. B., Tian, Ok., Huang, L. L., He, C. W., Jiang, Y., Wang, Y. T., and Wan, J. B. Natural medicines for the prevention of alcoholic liver disease: a evaluation. Chandeying, V. and Lamlertkittikul, S. Challenges in the conduct of Thai natural scientific study: efficacy and security of phytoestrogen, pueraria mirifica (Kwao Keur Kao), phase I, within the alleviation of climacteric symptoms in perimenopausal ladies. Impact of Pueraria tuberosa DC. Liu, Q., Lu, Z., and Wang, L. Restrictive impact of puerarin on myocardial infarct area in dogs and its possible mechanism. Jiang, B., Liu, J. H., Bao, Y. M., and An, L. J. Hydrogen peroxide-induced apoptosis in pc12 cells and the protecting effect of puerarin.

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