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Pueraria lobata has blood sugar lowering property; keep away from taking it with different herbs which have hypoglycemic action. The mechanism of action of Pueraria lobata in alcoholism will not be understood. One other facet that requires study is what do flower extracts of the herb contain, are they better than root extracts for alcoholism or they may they’ve a synergistic action. Antidipsotropic agent or anti-drinking medications are those agents that when taken with alcohol produce an unpleasant response and inhibit intake. Excessive levels of acetaldehyde within the physique create an unpleasant response to alcohol consumption and thus inhibit additional intake. However, a number of research additionally pointed out that the herb increases acetaldehyde levels within the body to increase aversion to alcohol. Since pre-clinical studies confirmed that kudzu extracts increased acetaldehyde levels to produce an aversive reaction and toxicity to alcohol, they decided to test this in people. The benefits of kudzu herb on alcoholism have been investigated in humans. In 2004, Benlhabib and colleagues investigated the impact of kudzu extract and purified puerarin on alcohol intake.