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white kwao kruaWhat is Curcuma comosa? Curcuma comosa herb in Unique formula, an Alternative choice to vaginal wall repair. It can be used to help women regain normal menstrual cycles after taking the herbs. It has proven helpful for relieving hot flashes during menopause. Curcuma xanthrorhiza does not have so much effects at female genital system like Curcuma comosa. There is some confusion with another herb called Curcuma xanthrorhiza which is originally from Indonesia. Curcuma comosa is a special kind of herb which it has the most effects at female genital system especially vaginal wall muscles and uterus. Curcuma comosa has been used for centuries in traditional medicinal herbs for the treatment of female problems such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, easing menstrual pain and cramping. Curcuma comosa helps repair of vaginal wall prolapse, tightening vaginal muscles, relieve premenstrual syndrome and cramping. Curcuma comosa is an indigenous herb of Thailand. Curcuma comosa Roxb., a herb belonging to Zingiberaceae family.

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white kwao kruaThere’s also marine collagen, which is sourced from fish (it can be derived from their scales and bones), making it pescatarian-friendly, but, again, neither vegetarian nor vegan. The brand’s collagen supplement can be added to Care/of’s monthly pill packs for $15 a month. This in no way affects our editorial decision-making. That’s why Care/of’s vegetarian collagen supplement – which is derived from the membrane inside chicken egg shells (meaning it’s still not suitable for vegans) – is so groundbreaking and promising. Please note: Occasionally, we use affiliate links on our site. Some wellness brands (Rae Wellness and SmarterCollagen are two examples) do sell vegan and vegetarian collagen “boosters” which claim to support the body’s own production of collagen with vitamins and minerals – but these are not, themselves, collagen. Unlike the bulk of ingestible collagen products on the market, which are sold as powders to be mixed into beverages or flavored coffee creamers, Care/of’s vegetarian collagen comes in capsule form, allowing users to pop the pill along with any other daily vitamins they may be taking. Because vegans and vegetarians aren’t ingesting collagen regularly in their diets via eating meat and other natural sources, they’re actually among those who could potentially benefit most from a supplemental version of it. Beyond allowing those who follow certain diets to avoid bovine and fish-based products, it’s also making use of a byproduct that otherwise might go to waste. It can provide other nutritional benefits as well: “We found was that eggs, and in particular the membrane of the eggshells that we typically throw away or compost, can be a source of collagen, hyaluronic acid and other skin and hair supporting compounds that are still vegetarian friendly. So that membrane (the sticky stuff) that we typically just try to keep off our stovetops and get into the pan when making eggs is actually an opportunity for supporting vegetarians’ skin, hair and nail health,” explains Shaw. Shaw, meaning it does not serve as a source of protein in the way that a powder does. Never miss the latest fashion industry news. As for the research side of things, the company claims its vegetarian collagen supplement has proven results when it comes to skin and nail health. Sign up for the Fashionista daily newsletter. Brittany Shaw, Care/of’s Director of New Products, tells Fashionista. There are other benefits to relying on the inner membrane of eggshells as a source of collagen, according to Shaw. As for the decision to create a vegetarian-friendly version, it was a pretty logical choice for Care/of.

pueraria montanaA lot of women contemplating breast enhancement has this important question in their mind: Does Pueraria Mirifica works? They want a new solution to an old problem: bigger boobs. However, this herb comes with a high cost. Only until recent years and tons of clinical tests done on pueraria mirifica before the increased in awareness and usage of this herb. This herb has been secretly in use by women for centuries. It takes a lot of effort to extract the essence from the plant, and also there are limited quantities of it. Grow in the regions in Thailand, the natives have long used this herb for beauty purposes, most notably, breast enhancing. Many companies have started using and selling breast enhancing serum made of it. There seem to be a growing trend of women getting sick of the side effects that they heard about in regards to women going for breast surgery implants and jabbing themselves with artificial hormones. There are companies who focus on the quality of the product. Thus, when pueraria mirifica grew popular, women naturally tend to think twice about the breast enhancing effects.

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Pueraria mirifica is Thailand’s endemic species found mainly in the northern and western part of Thailand and has local name as “White Kwao – Krua”. Please follow the dosage on the package. We ship world wide. If one stops using Pueraria Mirifica completely, the breasts will return to it’s old shape again over time. Also pregnant woman should consult their doctor first. Advised dosage is 1-2 mg/kilo per day. Dosage : one Capsules each time, one time daily after meal. Increase appetite, and alleviate sleep disorders. Also Pueraria Mirifica is well known for natural – click the up coming web site – breast enlargement and breast firming. Your breasts will get bigger and firmer. Example, if you weight is60 kg, you daily dosage is maximum 60 – 120 mg/day. WARNING: Pueraria Mirifica should not be used by woman under 20 years of age as the body is not fully grown yet. The maximum increasement of the breasts will be achieved after 3 months of using Pueraria Mirifica. These capsules contain 100 mg Pueraria Mirifica per capsule. Increases of breast size from 1 – 3 inches are possible. We accept PAYPAL Only ! If you want to keep the increased size and firmness of your breasts you should lower the dose from 1 daily to 2 – 3 per week. If your weight is over 75 kilo, you should consider to take our other Pueraria Mirifica capsules which contain 150 mg Pueraria Mirifica per capsule. If you want faster results, you can combine taking the capsules with using Boom Breast Cream, also made from Pueraria Mirifica. Pueraria Mirifica increases the fatty tissue around the breast. Phytoestrogens maximizes the blood flow and estrogen distribution through the breast tissue. Welcome BULK Order !

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