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This article from Dr Gary Gordon details the health benefits of Pueraria Mirifica including, breast enlargement, protection against brain cancer and dementia as well as preventing bone loss and osteoporosis. Although Pueraria is the answer for many women as a remedy for hot flashes, it is the least important function of this miracle herb according to the doctor. He advises that although Pueraria Mirifica does not take effect overnight, it’s continued use will not only cure the hot flash, but it will also protect against bone loss and brain cancer in aging women as well as men. In contrast, women are encouraged to take Pueraria Mirifica after reaching menopause. For men, he advises for them to take two capsules daily. A little known fact about Pueraria Mirifica is that it can have negative side effects on women during menstruation. Dr. Gordon educates women from age 30 on about the benefits of taking Pueraria Mirifica to protect themselves against the adverse effects of aging.

Many menopausal women suffer from vaginal dryness.

pueraria mirifica breast growthLady Secret Serum is one of the best natural remedies to tighten loose vagina. It reduces white discharge and safeguards from bad smell in vagina. Loose genital walls in females reduce sexual pleasure in lovemaking. It helps to treat loose genital passage and enjoy intimate moments with your male partner. It is also place for infections and itching. It naturally thickens vaginal walls. Therefore, women are advised to explore ways to get tight vagina naturally. As a result, women feel pain during coition. But, it is risky and may not offer desired tightening results. Many menopausal women suffer from vaginal dryness. Lady Secret Serum is one of the best herbal remedy to tighten your genital wall without any need for surgery. Surgical procedure is available to tighten loose vagina. Young women after childbirth also suffer from vaginal dryness problem. It also stimulates estrogens in genital passage. Secret formula in Lady Secret Serum stimulates natural secreting lubes inside genital passage.

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This function improves the firmness of the breast, the shape and the overall improvement in the growth, development and maintenance of the breast tissues. So, Pueraria Mirifica works best when used for a relatively short period of time. Pueraria will significantly enhance the overall beauty of the woman who desires a perfect breast size but caution should be taken when using this herbal supplement as prolonged usage may result in breast defects. Pueraria Mirifica also processes the abilities to lengthen the milk ducts and in the process stimulates and expands the fat tissues in the breast. As Pueraria Mirifica lengthens the milk duct that stretches toward the outside of the breast nipple, the mammary tissues will be developed and the fatty tissues holding and supporting the breast will be strengthened. It improves and maintains the Collagen in the skin and ensures that new skin cells are generated for a smoother, softer and firmer breast.

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