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Pueraria montana – var. lobata and P. phaseoloides originating from tropical Asia and parts of Oceania are ecologically and economically important legumes that are used as green manure, cover crop or forage plants. 16 P. phaseoloides accessions was analysed developing a random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) marker methodology for Pueraria species and thereby creating basic data for follow-up research and the development of conservation strategies. For P. phaseoloides no correspondence between sampling sites and genetic differentiation was found. Results are compared to other genetic studies of herbaceous legumes and conservation strategies are suggested. Seeds were collected from native populations in Bac Kan Province, a mountainous region in Northeast Vietnam. In this study, genetic variation of five P. montana var. Mean JSC amounted to 0.35 in P. montana var. P. montana var. lobata presented a high level of variation with 54.3% of the detected markers being polymorphic, whereas P. phaseoloides exhibited an intermediate to high level of variation (45.5%). The P. montana var. Conservation and use of plant genetic resources require an understanding of the extent and distribution of genetic diversity in any given region. 0.52 in P. phaseoloides. Inter-population differentiation was measured as Jaccard’s similarity coefficient (JSC).

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It responds to good seedbed preparation, which controls weeds by cultivation after the initial ploughing. In some parts it is hand planted (15 to 20 seeds every 3 m mixed with the top 2.5 cm of soil). Treat with concentrated sulphuric acid (sp. Drill in rows 1 m apart. Establishment can be achieved by over sowing into existing pasture if the pasture is disced or burnt beforehand. Immerse in glycerin at 500 C for one hour – this increase germination from 10 to 50 percent. Put in hot water at 50 to 700 C for several hours and allow to cool. We recommend 3 to 6 kg./ha scarified or 8 to 10 k./ha unscarified seed for sowing down the center of sisal rows, which are 3.5 m wide. It was found that Pueraria gave very good protection to the soil. Usually, however, it will not establish in grass, but grass will establish in the legume. Can also be established readily in the ashes of a forest burn.. Sow at 1.5 cm and roll or harrow. It is best sown in midsummer to coincide with the wet season. Sow at 1 to 2 kg./ha in mixture. Gr. 1.8) for 20 minutes, wash and dry.. Can also be propagated by cutting 0.7 to 1 m long planted at two per point on a 1 – to 2 – m grid. Seed is usually broadcast or drilled in. Pueraria has been an excellent cover crop to prevent soil erosion and to contribute nitrogen in plantation crops in the tropics for many years.

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