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With the aim of spreading awareness about the importance of nurturing one’s own herbal garden, the 20-plant kit included saplings of ginger, thulasi, adalodakam, karinochi, vatham kolli, keezharnelli and amari. Inspired by the response, another project that would cover 500 houses is on the anvil, adds Dr Suresh. Others, like the ubiquitous curry leaves, turmeric, ginger, celery, pudina, rosemary and so on can go straight from the garden to your kitchen. For instance, Thapovan Heritage Home in Mulloor off Kovalam, houses several medicinal herbs in its large garden, the brainchild of its German-born owner, Andreas Heitmann. Several Ayurveda-based heritage homes in the city and its suburbs combine the twin aspects of producing their own raw materials for in-house medicines and maintenance of a pleasant green space for guests to unwind. Often, certain plants with medicinal values also serve ornamental purposes, such as thechi (Ixora) and koduveri (Plumbago indica or better known as the Indian leadwort) that bear beautiful flowers. Dr P Anand, Ayurveda Consultant of Thapovan, explains: “We have over 100 varieties of plants with medicinal values. “In our follow-up, we found that the success rate was 85%. This proved that even within a city, maintaining individual medicinal gardens is quite viable,” says C Suresh Kumar, general secretary, CISSA.

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Women around the world, young and not so young, are unhappy about their breasts. Women with small breasts tend to avoid certain styles of clothing too, such as low-cut blouses or T-shirts, because they just don’t fill them out as well as larger-busted women do. There are no added parabens, petroleum, artificial colorings or preservatives in Triactol. Breast size affects the proportions of the body, and small breasts can make anyone look pear-shaped. Probably the most important point of a Triactol review is that this product contains only natural ingredients. Triactol is an exclusive serum containing unique, clinically proven ingredients that claim to lift the bust and increase the size within weeks. Unfortunately, although exercise can help lift breasts by tightening the muscles around them, it cannot enhance the size, as breasts are mainly fatty tissue. Breast enlargement surgery is not only expensive, it carries the same risks as any surgery.

federal college of animal health and production technology vomI tried it for about 9 months. I got skin softening, slight breast growth, and a slight, but noticeable shift in emotions. The difference is that once it has fit into the receptor, it doesn’t activate the receptor as fully as real 17b-Estradiol can. Ah, disappointing but thank you. So yeah. It’s a strong (probably the strongest) phyto-estrogen, with a molecular structure that allows it to fit into the estrogen receptors (with a preference for the B receptors over the A ones). For me, it was like estrogen-lite. The biggest effect was that it firmly convinced me that I wanted to switch to the Real Deal. It does slightly activate it, though, which is why many people see slight effects. NO. herbs and lotions and potions are pretty much all snake oil and WILL NOT somehow make you confident. It caused me to realize why it seemed like women made a big deal about skin moisturizers, cuz I started finding them worth the time to put on. PM came along and gave me a little tiny taste, letting me know I was on to something. No. You would be way better off DYING a low dose of Estradiol and Spironolactone than DYING a herb that is strange to the human body.

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