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pueraria mirifica gelSaw palmetto: Apart from being used for a number of other problems in men and women, including urinary tract infections, overweight and others, this natural herb is also useful in enlarging the size of breasts. It is known as the hormone regulator herb and can exhibit desirable results in targeted time period. Fenugreek: You must have heard about the capability of fenugreek in improving the milk production in a nursing mother. Wild Yam: Wild yam is a natural herb, quite helpful in controlling blood pressure and body cholesterol. The good news is that it can also be used to improve the size of breasts in female. Pueraria – – Mirifica: It is not only known for improving the health of skin and hair, but can also boost the process of natural breast enlargement. Apart from this, it has found application in improving a number of conditions related to female health and natural breast enlargement is one of them. It contains plant extracts, which are helpful in enlarging the breast size by regulating the hormones.

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Pueraria Mirifica Plus for Men Supports Male Urinary Health and Vigor Powerful, Natural Support for Healthy Prostate Pueraria Mirifica Plus for Men contains Puresterol… Thai botanical Pueraria Mirifica. At the same time, it helps boost energy and endurance, and bring back the confidence that goes hand in hand with robust sexual health. Caution: As with all supplements, keep out of the reach of children. Pueraria Mirifica has a long history of use throughout the Far East for its beneficial effects on prostate health, and has been shown to help to enhance stamina, increase energy, support healthy sexula desire and eprformance, and promote proper bladder and urinary function. Directions: Take one capsule twice per day with meals. PM Plus for Men also contains energizing botanicals that work synergistically with Puresterol, including: Butea superba – a Southeast Asian herb that can maintain sexual health, Gotu kola – a traditional Chinese herb known to boost energy levels and Panax ginseng – an Asian root extract that can help ease the effects of stress and enhance physical performance. This time-honored formula goes a long way to restore male potency and vigor and support urinary and prostate health.

pueraria montanaThe couple’s organic farm provides most of the ingredients used in the soaps (e.g. rose, aloe vera, mehndi, ashwagandha, Shatavari, bhringraj, Brahmi, clove, basil, cucumber, amaranth, Harar, Behera, lemon etc.). All of the products are handmade by rural women. All product formulations are based on Ayurveda, aromatherapy and naturopathy. The soaps are made in small batches using cold-process method, which preserves the beneficial qualities of herbal ingredients. No air, water, or soil pollution is caused during the production of the soaps since the unit is as silent as any other village house using as much electricity and creating no wastage of any kind. Other ingredients like papaya, neem, khadira, tomato, carrot, drumstick, custard apple, are organically grown in the village. The products are mild and nourishing to the skin and do not rob the skin of its natural oil. The runoff water is used to water the couple’s farm. The shelf life of all products is from six to 18 months and though this hurts the business, it is an assurance of the fact that there are minimal or no chemical preservatives in the products and that the consumers get to use freshly made herbal products.

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