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Triactol breast serum, manufacture by Smithmeyers Laboratories is a breast serum that comes in a 50ml pump. The manufacturer of the product claims that women may see apparent results in just one week of regular use, but they also offer a 60-day money back guarantee signifying that they know that in some women, effects may take longer than the usual. Based from clinical tests, Triactol demonstrated that about 75% of the women part in the study observed apparent enhancement in their breasts in just 21 days. This is primarily made of the herb pueraria mirifica that has been used by Thai women for many centuries since it has been proven to cause breast enhancement and relief of certain symptoms due to menopausal period. Other herbs included in this product are vitamin E, Miroestrol, deoxmiroestrol, diadzein, and some isoflavenoids. This product was intended to enlarge, tone up and lift the breasts of women. Triactol is the only breast enhancement product in the market today that is made up of unique proprietary blend called the Micro firm.

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pueraria mirifica side effectsWomen all over the world covet larger, firmer breasts – for an umpteen number of reasons. So what does a breast enhancement cream do? Or it may also pertain to increasing their self-esteem (as women often use bust size as a parameter to compare their self-worth and status amongst peers). One of the most popular and safe treatments used by women all over the world to get firmer breasts and increase breast size is breast enhancement cream. Available at almost every drug store and with every breast enhancement dealer online, breast enlargement creams have been termed as a revolutionary measure in improving the bust size in women, albeit naturally. Both reasons are enough to help the popularity of treatments to increase breast size sky-rocket of late! Breast enhancement creams, as advertised by dealers and manufacturers of the same, contain elements and herbs that aid in better blood flow and tissue growth. This may be to improve their physical attractiveness (90% of men prefer their partner to have a large but firm bosom!).

best pueraria mirifica productA plant found in Thailand called ‘Pueraria Mirifica‘ is vital in the success of Brestrogen. Who’s It Designed For? How Does It Work? The main ingredient of Brestrogen is actually a Thai plant, called Pueraria Mirifica, a plant that has been used throughout Thai history for a variety of health benefits, asides from its use as a breast enlarger. The plant has been utilized throughout history for a massive array of health benefits, including its use for women to enlarge their breasts. Believe it or not, the plant literally increases ligaments and fatty tissue, which gives the breast shape and support. The way it works is by increasing ligaments and fatty tissue, giving shape and support to the breast, but also lengthening the ducts connecting to the nipple. And it also increases the length of the ducts that are connected to the nipple. The end result of this is firmer and fuller breasts.

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Most women are very concerned about aging, particularly the effects brought about by the aging process. When taken, its help restore normal function of the body once slows down due to the aging process. For the average women, menstruation cycles end at 48-50 years of age when the reproductive system stops or slows down functioning. An effective alternative approach would be to delay those aging problems by using natural phytoestrogens present in Pueraria mirifica as a dietary supplement. The body experiences dramatic changes due to lower estrogen levels: the body’s systems and its functions begin to decelerate and the immune system weakens, accordingly menopausal women will usually experience both psychological and physiological changes. Hence, phytoestrogens from Pueraria – – mirifica can correct estrogen insufficiency in the body and relieve the post-menopausal symptoms. Psychological changes range from anxiety, tension and nervousness to chronic depression, whereas the physiological changes include hot flushes, fatigue and insomnia to more severe conditions as bone loss, balding and degeneration of the reproductive area.

It is believed that Pueraria is not a toxic herb. Doses up to 50 mg show zero toxicity. Minerals such as zinc and magnesium can be freely taken. Similar results can be seen with the long-term use of 100 mg a day for a period of 6 months. At this stage, it is easier to find the herb as capsules and not the whole herb in the form of powder or in raw condition. This category includes Black Cohosh, Vitex agnus castus, and Red clover. Specialized extracts are hard to find. Pueraria is commonly sold as a powder, as the concentration in a capsule varies between 150 and 500 mg. Due to the high estrogen activity and little-detailed research, we would not recommend Pueraria to be combined with other herbs that affect the female hormones. Pueraria is sold only as a dietary supplement. We also do not recommend the use of this herb during traditional estrogen therapy. The herb can be used with common health agents, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as you only need to be careful with the amount of flaxseed oil.

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