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The Pill seems to be the easiest method of preventing an unwanted pregnancy, but it is also of the most risky ones. Despite warnings by an increasing number of health officials about the strong effects of the drug, it is still regarded as the “best and safest” method of contraception. Women who continually use contraceptive are more likely to develop circulatory problems, liver tumors, headaches, depression and cancer than those who don’t use them. The risk increases with age. Because the Pill causes cancer and other diseases, it is outright dangerous and should not be sold to unsuspecting women. The intrauterine device (IUD), also known as coil or loop, is not a safe method of contraception either. The IUD has been associated with a number of debilitating side effects. If you consider a potential pregnancy, which is not a dangerous illness, to be less of a disadvantage than risking your life by developing cancer, cervical cancer, a stroke or thrombosis, you are better off avoiding the Pill or any of the other highly invasive contraceptive methods such as Inject-and-go contraception and IUDs.

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