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I see a rising interest in Nuru Nuru Massage here on the site. A lot of people access it searching for Nuru massage on google or other search engines. So I just wanna give a quick rundown on what a Nuru Massage actually is and also in what form it is provided in Bangkok.

Nuru Massage is named after the gel that is used when it is performed, the Nuru gel. This colorless, odorless gel is extremely slippery or “slimy” and made from extracts of seaweed. it is excellent for the skin, too! This gel is put all over your massage girl and also you and it makes it possible for the girl to easily slide up and down on you.

Now there is different way to do the Nuru massage. It used to happen on an air mattress that was provided here in Bangkok’s massage parlors. But this air mattress technique is getting less and less popular. Most places have abandoned it.I think it was too messy. You would lie on the mattress (this was also available for normal soapy massages) and then the girl would slide up and down on you on the mattress.

Nuru Massage

Now when you get a Nuru Massage lets say at Colonze 2 massage parlor you go to the same rooms that are used for the soapy massages. you still will be bathed by your girl of choice and cleaned. But afterwards, instead of moving onto the bed directly, you sit on a special “nuru massage stool”. This is really just a small stool (see pictures) that makes it possible to easily access your butt and balls. now while you sit there the girl applies the Nuru gel on you. It is mixed with water and then applied to your and her body. She will do this to one part of you r body after the other. First the arms, then the legs, body etc. She will also start licking all over your body. What she will also do is put the Nuru gel on her body and shifting between massaging you with her hands, tongue and pussy. She will take your arm for example and rub her pussy on it up and down, massaging it.

After the Nuru massage on the stool you will move onto the bed where it continues. Now she will slide up and down on you with her whole body, finally start sucking you and mount you if you have not finished by then. The whol procedure goes on for so long that normally what happens is that once she on top of you you might need another 5 minutes max to finish off.

Colonze 2 is the only big massage parlor that has the Nuru massage as far as I know but i might be wrong….but there is several of smaller massage shops on sukhumvit that has Nuru gel available. For example in the areas where a lot of Japanese guys live (around Sukhumvit Soi 39, 31, Emposium shopping etc.). There is for example a shop called “Culi” on Soi 31 that lets you choose a costume of your massage girl (school girl, nurse, etc) and they also have a massage available using the Nuru gel.

There is a couple videos here to give you an idea. Just be aware that the videos shown are performed by porn actors and they are not 100% accurate. But you get the idea about the mattress and also they use the real Nuru gel. I think the original massage is actually more enjoyable than how the videos look like…and the girls in Bangkok are better looking, too.

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