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Now I’ve seen people asking about these pills and everyone says they are a scam – but no one actually has said they used it and it didn’t . Obviously the creams aren’t going to – they might cause blood to rush to the skin and swell for the night ( I know some plumping serems work that way ).. but that would be short lived /The pills however – you have to take them for a min of 3 months and most say not to drink /Itrsquo;s my tolerant ( from speaking with a herbalist ) that some of the pills out there do work – some women for whatever instigation letup developing before they are supose to – sometimes caused by a stessful conjuncture or something traumatic can follow up a growing girls and quot; stunt quot; the growth – the pills contain herbs that induce production of tissue, the herbs kinda play with the hormones and make it think itrsquo;s puberty growing time /I have read information about most ingredients in pills and it would make sense that they could have that /I started taking some pills from GNC quot; Natural Curves quot; but I couldnrsquo;t drinking coffee and then I kept forgettting to take them…so I donrsquo;t know if they would have worked –br /I have very small – I donrsquo;t even fill out an ‘arsquo; cup fully…when I was young – I have 2 sibling pass away – which would be a major stress….br /So everything I read / told could be /Soooo – to the question – has anyone here ACTUALLY used a product and have an on it? Or does anyone have a good explanation to there opionion if they have never used it?

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