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breast enhancement
Jonny asked:

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5 Responses to “I am currently a B-cup and wish to get to at least C-cup. But I think that implants are out of the question (too expensive). If anyone can tell me some forms of OTC natural breast enhancement, that will be greatly appriciated.”

  1. alwaysmoose

    Nope. There is one sure fire way to increase your bust size. It is free. Get pregnant.

  2. LizzieB

    keep your breasts nice a firm and could possibly make them a little bit bigger. Go to a gym and do chest exercises once a week. my chest workout is:
    Flat bench press
    incline bench press
    Dumbbell decline press
    flat dumbbell flys
    cable flys
    pec dec

    and my breasts are really firm and look good at a size D cup.

  3. oakbridge

    Yes I use a product called Mirifem. It is available at the following location. It is a very strong Phytoestrogen and I use it to stave off Hot Flashes. It does work on the breasts too. Take a look.

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