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back in 1947

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A Thai biologist Monday claimed that he has proved that a plant stem, known locally as ”kwao keur,” can produce the female sex hormone estrogen in women and increase their bust size. Wichai Cherdshewasart, associate professor at Chulalongkorn University who said he spent almost a year conducting research on the kwao keur tuber (Pueraria mirifica), claimed that tests showed one woman’s bust grew 2.5 centimeters in five days through using the substance. The biologist said he has applied for a patent to manufacture medicine from kwao keur and is now planning its production for the drug industry. But results are not guaranteed, said Wichai, as about 20% of test cases showed no response. ”It depends on your health. If you are in good shape, between 20 and 45 years of age and have a rather big body structure, you will get good results,” Wichai said. ”It is impossible for a thin lady to enlarge her bust from 75 cm to 90 cm by taking kwao keur (Pueraria mirifica).” The effects of the tuber are the stuff of legend, as long ago in the northern province of Chiang Mai, the plant stem had the reputation of producing a rejuvenating effect on the elderly. According to the legend, an old lady began to menstruate again after regularly taking medicine made of kwao keur, while an impotent old man sired offspring thanks to the magic tuber. Scientists spent more than 10 years in their quest to track down the legendary kwao keur. In February 1947, they finally identified it as Pueraria mirifica. Wichai recommended that in some cases, women should drink milk while taking kwao keur. One thin lady enlarged her 72.5-cm bust to 77.5-cm within a month by drinking at least a liter of milk per day, he said. Besides enlarging bust size, the tuber can also widen hips, soften skin and darken hair for those who turn gray early, according to Wichai. Once the Thai Ministry of Public Health endorses the patent, he said, variations of the drug will be developed for menopausal women who suffer from hormone drain. ”My idea is something like refilling a woman’s hormones to adjust glandular organic function,” he said. Pennapa Subcharoen, director of the ministry’s National Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine, said users of drugs made from the tuber should seriously consider side effects since excessive hormone intake can cause cancer. ”The study of Dr. Wichai shows Pueraria has a positive impact on the size of a woman’s breasts, but we want to know more about whether it produces any other effects when a woman takes a large dosage over a long period of time,” Pennapa said. According to Pennapa, a group of medical experts will conduct comparative research to cross-check the side effects of Pueraria in the next six months to one year.

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