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breast enhancement
deppfreak6963 asked:

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I have been looking into natural enhancement and so far it seems that BreastActive and Breast are the two best out there right now. Is there who has these products or someone who could recommend another ?

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4 Responses to “Does natural breast enhancement really work?”

  1. cireengineering

    El único realce natural del pecho es conseguir embarazado y amamantar al bebé, I' m sure que podría esperar probablemente sin embargo.

  2. Lone Walker

    why the hell do you want bigger **** be happy with what you have and get a life

  3. Chef Quiet

    I have heard they worked and then from some it doesn’t. I read more about herbs that contain estrogen, which mimics estrogen, the stuff that makes our breast grow and other parts of our body. These herbs are contained in those natural breast enhancement if you were to read the label. But I heard of more success from women using the herbs than spending all of that money on the natural breast enhancement when you can try the herbs for under 10 dollars and you can take more than one herb at a time. These herbs for example are fennel seed, fenugreek, wild yam, blessed thistle and a lot more. (sorry I can’t think of anymore, I haven’t read anything about that for a while) I have also read about others who tried it, one was a user on Y!A who said she used a mixture and her breast are feeling fuller. Also, with the fenugreek, it is used for nursing mothers and it works in three days to produce milk, same with the breast growth. I read two articles, one a woman decided to try it and on the third day, her breast were sore, but fuller and another girl who tried it when she was 17 but since she wasn’t done with puberty she had to get breast reduction surgery at 21 because she was at a breast size that was making her uncomfortable.

    Good Luck

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