4 Responses to “Do breast enhancement tablets really work?”

  1. jamie m

    i bought these for my girlfriend (because she wanted them) and after one pack we noticed they got a bit larger, but its very costly and i couldn’t really afford many more. so she didn’t get the advised dosage.

    all in all they work. but you have to keep taking them to keep the effects and follow the instructions inside.

    hope this helps you.

  2. God's daughter

    that is lovely your boyfreind said that. but to be honest if you want bigger breasts put on a bit of weight if you are too skinny.

  3. Andi

    Some girl and I were talking about how on the tv show Manswers, they were saying that breast enhancement drugs contained hops. Like what they put in beer. You could probably find a hoppy beer and do just as well. I doubt that you will get any dramatic results with any pills, or everyone would be doing it, right? You know, I’m the only female in our family who has a B cup…..BUT, I’ve learned to be alright with it as I got older. I’m also the only female without back problems due to breast weight. I’m probably also the only female in the family who will have firm breasts my whole life. The bigger they are, the harder they fall sweetheart…LOL. Bigger isn’t ALWAYS better. Try to be comfortable in your own skin. If you are seriously not content, you could have surgical enhancement, but it’s costly, painful and unnecessary. Your boyfriend seems to like you the way you are- try to follow suit:-)

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