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breast enhancement
A L Y S S A asked:

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18 Responses to “Hi, I am doing a research about ways to enhance breast size (ei. Pills, bra inserts and implants) What are your opinions and thoughts about getting someone you know or yourself a breast enhancement pill or implants??Has anyone of you thought of getting your breast done surgically?? And has anyone of you tried pills?? did they really work?? What do you think about this issue? Are you against it or you support it? Honest opinions please. this is for school purposes only by the way.”

  1. Andreas

    stay away from plastic surgery, be happy with yourself. stay natural, the way you were made

  2. The CRYING Potato

    I think that women who get those augmentations that DON’T need them look extremely trashy and fake. If you need them and it would make you happy, then I say whatever frosts your muffin. If you do not need them, and only do that **** to make your husband or bf or whatever happy, I think you are dumb.

    I don’t care about if people do it or not, but if it looks too large, you can tell and you look like a total idiot.

  3. Elektra

    Be grateful for what the good ol Lord has given you. I think most fake breast look ugly.

  4. Sophia

    I support it, just like I support any type of body art~ be it piercings, tattoos, fashion, etc.

    I’ve had a breast enhancement, and I love it. I had a NOTHING-cup :-p and wanted to look more normal and feminine. I love them now, and I didn’t go way too big, Pam Anderson style or anything :-p

    I was well aware of all the risks, though, and I think anyone who wants it should educate themselves on it.

  5. ez80227

    don’t bother. plastic is really the only way to do it unless you get progge or gain enough weight and they’re not worth it to any man who has an iq over 110.

  6. Grasshopper

    No estoy para ?l ni contra ?l. Es totalmente su opci?n.

    Pero para mis dos centavos Soy you&#039 seguro; ?re perfeccione la manera que usted es!

  7. gary s

    Don' t knoeit met een goede zaak!!!! De bladerenlittekens van de plastische chirurgie die irrreversable zijn.

  8. Viol3t

    The matter editor if somone is very flat it looks totally unecessary overall have mixed feelings on tv.
    The matter editor if somone is very flat it looks totally unecessary overall have mixed feelings on the matter editor if somone is very flat it looks totally unecessary overall have mixed feelings on the matter editor if somone is uneven or in hollywood with.

  9. Xavier M

    don’t listen to others, you want to blow ’em up….do it.

    it looks great, you’ll feel great….the only people who tell you not to are fat and ugly anyway, what do they know?

  10. mmorgan

    ik denk dat u plastische chirurgie enkel niet alleen zou moeten doen het krijgen
    maar als u niet in ur eigen huid comfortabel voelt en het u zal maken voelen beter dan denk ik zijn o.k.

  11. Kristi B

    honestly, I know that those pills do not work, I also know that pills like that do NOT need to be regulated or tested by the FDA, so you really do not know what you are taking. Then there is your surgical option, I have thought about it, and decided against it. My mom died a month ago from breast cancer and I was just too afraid that they wouldnt be able to detect breast cancer well enough through a mammogram if I ended up with breast cancer. I think you should be proud of what god gave you and ***** everyone else that thinks otherwise =)

  12. Roxy Peaches.?

    I think people who get it done are insecure and they aren’t true to themselves. If they’re fake on the outside, doesn’t that mean they’re fake on the inside too?

    Anyway, you couldn’t pay for me to get any plastic surgery done, unless it’s a life threatening situation. I’m happy with myself and I don’t need anything to make me feel better about the way I look.

  13. HDrider

    I wish women werent so self conscious about breast size. I believe most men dont care about the size as long as theres a set there………

  14. katiekate

    i' m heißen total mit ihm gut

    es ist eine persönliche Wahl, zum der Implantate zu erhalten aber, wenn jemand, das ich wusste, wollte sie erhalten, ich würde stützen total dort Entscheidung

    ich habe Büstenhaltereinsätze, aber ich trage sie nur mit Material, das doesn' t passte mich um den Boobbereich. ich habe ständig Angst, dass sie irgendwie herausfallen

    I don' t denken, dass Pillen alles für erhöhenboobs tun würden. ich ging auf die empfängnisverhütende mündlichpille (aus anderen Gründen andere dann erhaltene große Boobs) und hörte, dass gebildet sie größer. aber es didn' t: |

    gutes Glück mit Ihnen Schule thingo:)

  15. Beto

    I like a natural woman. No need to enhance anything. Most look fake any how.

  16. imlyn

    big and hard breasts don’t look near as nice as normal breasts.
    if magic pills and drinks worked, it would have put plastic surgeons out of the breast enhancement business a long time ago.

  17. The Doctor

    As a guy I can tell you I **** fake boobs, but if you can do natural enhancement then you should do it if it makes you feel better, but what do I know I’m an *** man myself.

  18. Jessica

    I had my breasts done a year ago and couldn’t be happier. Obviously, I’m a supporter. I tried pills before, all they do is make them swell slightly so you think they’re growing but they aren’t. The second I stopped taking them they went back to normal. In your paper I would suggest talking about how much of an emphasis our society places on the appearance of women, especially their breasts. It pains me to think that I fell victim to this but it really did help my self esteem and I’m very happy I did it. Hope this helps! Good luck on your paper!

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