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breast enhancement
flawed much, not noticed asked:

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6 Responses to “I’m 14 years old..and sadly, I’m a 34A in GIRLS. And I’m most likely done growing because both sides of my family have A cups, and the overweight ones have B cups. And I workout a lot and eat healthy, so I don’t want to try and gain weight to make them grow larger. I naturally have more fat in my lower body than my upper body. So how can I buy breast enhancement products without my parents knowing?”

  1. Rebekah

    They don’t work. Be greatful yuou can run without holding them down!

  2. underdawg157

    de kerel… waardeert wat de God u… grote borsten gaf breng niets dan problemen.

  3. Bork M

    if you are concerned about your parents, you’re TOO YOUNG to worry about this!!!

  4. The Un-Cola

    Other than push up bras and padded bras there are no breast enhancement products to make your breasts look bigger. Any product you see that claims otherwise is an outright fraud.

  5. Terri

    You are ONLY FOURTEEN!!

    STOP looking at your family!!

    Breast size IS NOT all genetics.

    You grow into your mid 20’s. As you are ONLY fourteen, you have at least ten more years of growing to do.

    Don’t WASTE YOUR MONEY buying pills/creams/herbs/etc, they don’t work.

  6. DesLv153

    Sweetie to be perfectly honest it doesnt work at all I tried It and nothing and I on the other hand am 28 yrs old… And Im the only small breasted in my family so i decided the only way to grow them was by getting implants and Im SO HAPPY now… so save that money….

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