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breast enhancement
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7 Responses to “A while ago I heard a plastic surgeon (tv show) talk about these creams how they do really work that’s why he doesn’t recommend breast augmentations. So, do these creams really work? If they do, does anyone know if there are also creams that reduce the breast size? I’ve got plenty of cups they are uncomfortable, to be honest with you.”

  1. Sundrop

    There isn’t any creams that can alter your breast size, sorry.
    It’s all a myth, fraud, or gimic.

  2. Jaime

    they dont. there just an excuse to make you spend your money. be happy with your cup size.

  3. Need2knowbasis

    Breast comes from fatty tissue, there is no cream in the world that can produce or reduce fatty tissue………….

  4. Richard M

    Nope. As to your cup problem, go to a lingerie store and get fitted for a bra. You may be amazed.

  5. Emily

    No, they really don’t work. Believe me, I’m an A cup and I’ve tried them all! Get a really good fitting bra from a store which will help with the discomfort, and only go for augmentation if you’re really unhappy with them. I say you’re lucky, coming from someone with pancakes, but I guess the grass is always greener!

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