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breast enhancement
I’ve been looking for away to enlarge my breast. My friend said that her mom it and she grew 2 cup sizes. I just want a second opinion just to see how it worked for others.
I’m flat. I have no breast at all. It would be nice to into clothes and stuff better.

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By: Sonja

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3 Responses to “Does the Zoft Breast Enhancement gum work?”

  1. Apple

    Grotere mislukkingen arent beter. als youre gedaan niet vooral het groeien. Zij leiden kerels van uw gezicht af. In plaats van het bekijken uw schoonheid in uw glimlach theyd bekijk eerder uw borst en veronderstel brutodingen.

  2. Sophie B

    Sorry Honey….only 2-3 ways they get bigger…

    1) you get augmentation surgery

    2) you get pregnant

    3) you eat a lot of donuts ( unfortunately your **** and thighs get bigger first)

  3. hhhmmmm69

    I’ve only started using this product on 9/22nd. Definitely worth trying since they have 100 day money back guarantee. Already notice a difference, firmer and appear to be growing. Can’t wait to for another month to see if results are really good or not.

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