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breast enhancement
anne asked:

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3 Responses to “I’m on the birth control, the Ortho Evra patch.. my question is can I also take the breast enhancement pill even I am on the birth control?? what will be the disadvantages to my health if I do it? Thank you..”

  1. JNS

    There isn’t a pill in the world that actually works to enhance your breasts. You should throw out the breast pills and take the Ortho Evra

  2. breathein2811

    The Pill is often completely ineffective when mixed with certain medications — make an appointment with your doctor and ask to make sure you won’t be putting yourself at any sort of risk!

  3. half_breed71

    You realize the breast ‘enhancement’ pill contains nothing to improve your breasts. Why on earth did you spend money on that crap? Anyways, drop the boob pill.

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