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breast enhancement
Ms. Curious asked:

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8 Responses to “How much would it cost to have a breast enhancement?”

  1. RayeKaye

    It really depends on where you live. Call around to several board certified cosmetic surgeons and ask about the price range. You may need to make an appointment for a consultation, but it SHOULD be free. If not, don’t use that doctor.

  2. sabrinaelder

    Average $5000 or more, depend on where you living in? In Thailand are much cheaper than in US. You can check the website in Thailand. They have number places, whose does breast enhancement.

  3. Shirly A

    My friend had baby and she grew cup sizesafter nursing was over they only went down size maybe your cups havent finished growing yet also my friend had baby and she grew cup sizesafter nursing was over.

  4. curvy_chick000

    i would do some research and work on accomplishing that change naturaly. dont look up natural breast enhancment! look up anatomy and biology, exercise, and nutrition. if you cant put all those facts together and figure it out then i guess you can pay around 15,000 and get it done professionaly. if your going the risky route then do not pay less than 15,000 unless you realy trust the doctor. you want it done right and want it to look good, better to pay more the first time than to pay a cheap amount several times and risk more infections/scarring…etc if you live in the usa get it done in the usa, many women get it done in other countries and get complications and have absolutly no legal action agianst the doctors. not to mention if you are unfamiliar to the country and the area then you do not know the doctors reputation there.

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