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breast enhancement
girl_is_depeche asked:

Buy Pueraria Mirifica

For your breasts.

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11 Responses to “Have any of you ever use breast enhancement pills?”

  1. qwerty

    they’re all scams, simply vitamins. when you say you notice a difference, its all mental, those pills don’t actually do squat.

  2. silverliciousness

    No. I am just blessed with 36 D’s. But, Ill give u 1/2 if u want! lol

  3. stumped

    NO!!! badbadbad!
    get a boob job or use double padded bras or if you’re a teenager,just chilll and wait for them to grow.

  4. Molly B

    If the reason that you want the pills is to attract guys think again. If a guy truly loves you he wont care how big your breasts are. You should feel confident about yourself and that will attract the man of your dreams!

  5. royphil345

    I’ve taken some pills that made women look more attractive than they were… Don’t see how them taking a pill would help though.

  6. *starrynight*

    i took some from GNC and they did work.. but after i stopped they went back to normal.. I think what it does it swells your glands and it makes your boobs apear bigger.. they work but no nearly as good as a surgical enhancement.. Not worth it.

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