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breast enhancement
Allie asked:

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3 Responses to “hey i have a friend and she was born with heart surgury and she is flat cheasted and was wondering if she is allowed to use breast enhancement pills? Can you help out thax”

  1. Captain B

    It would depend on the heart problems and she should talk to a doctor.

    Besides, breast enhancement pills have not been scientifically proven to do all that much in the breast area, so it probably isn’t worth dabbling in

  2. thug nasty

    1) talk to a doctor

    2) even if the doctor OK’s it, all drugs are unnatural, have negative side effects, and I highly doubt it’s worth the risk. Drug’s aren’t MEANT to be put in the body!

    3) A girl’s face, body, personality, and slim/muscularness to ME are MUCH more important than boobs! There are many, many stars and teens my age (I’m 17) who’s boobs aren’t even big at all, but they’re still funny, attractive, and hot.

    4) Is your friend a girl who watches her diet and how much fat she consumes?

    I know I am not at liberty to say this, but I am guessing.

    One of the ways to naturally make ur boobs A LITTLE- not much- but a little better is to do it through ur diet, and CERTAIN TYPES of exercising- namely weightlifting.

    I will go over these steps as follows:

    A) eat a healthy, balanced diet and eat all 5 food groups (duh).

    B) take vitamins (duh).

    C) Get 9 hours of sleep (duh).

    D) The more HEALTHY fat she consumes, the better. She can do this SIMPLY BY buying ORGANIC WHOLE milk instead of PROCESSED LOWFAT milk. Whole milk, to start with, is better- it isn’t processed, and natural fat helps muscle recovery, boob size, AND brain functioning and intelligence! (People simply confuse good fat these days with bad, artificial saturated and trans fats)

    E) stretch, and then do 3 sets of 6 on bench press. This should be her MAXING OUT on it, all out. HOWEVER IF HER HEART CONDITION PREVENTS HER FROM WORKING OUT HARD DON’T DO THIS!

    but if she CAN lift weights hard- then DO IT! this will build muscle UNDER the fat on her boobs, WITHOUT burning the fat off (cuz its low reps), which will then make her boobs bigger (not to mention better shaped!)

    trust me- every single female actor that DOESNT get a boob job AT LEAST does bench press and chest exercises to get it bigger.

    F) also, do 3 sets of 6 of: chest fly’s, incline bench, dips


    I hope that your friend will make the right decision. I personally do not almost ever take drugs, and I am a successful high school athlete, with almost no body fat and I hardly ever get sick. I am highly intelligent.

  3. icicles2

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