13 Responses to “Why don’t I see tons of breast enhancement commercials on tv?”

  1. Kim H

    That' s omdat de media genoeg met borstimplantaten pronken.

    Een echte vrouw doesn' t zorg over mannelijke verhoging, in elk geval.

  2. Savvy Bulge

    That’s a surgical procedure that not many women can afford as easily as over-the-counter pills.

    edit: wait a minute–breast enlargement pills? Is there even such a product or are you wasting our time?

  3. ??????? ?Danielle? ???????

    Eigenlijk, zijn er ladingen hier van de advertenties van borstenchancement op TV in het UK – voor plastische chirurgie. Ik heb slechts één advertentie voor &#039 gezien; mannelijke enhancement' van één bedrijf – maar de advertenties van de borstuitbreiding zijn OVERAL.

    Het doesn' t hindert me.

    I don' t denkt it' s- bewijsmateriaal van mannelijk imperialisme of iets in die aard. Ik denk it' het s- bewijsmateriaal van een bedrijf dat geld van onzekere vrouwen wil maken die een vertrouwensverhoging willen, of beveiligt vrouwen met enkel teveel geld.

  4. JenniT

    actually, I recall seeing a few…but honey..breast enhancements are bouncing all around on tv.

  5. theediblespoon

    eh? Breast enlargement is a surgical procedure, not a pill. That said, **** enlargement pills sell better because men are more insecure about their **** size than women are about their breast size…and it’s easier to measure breast size (whereas they can rely on the placebo effect when they sell **** enlargement pills).

  6. Mo' Nee Quah! loves tamales

    oh please i think all the girls gone wild commercials make up for that.

  7. hotstuffktr

    Surgeries are performed LOCALLY. Advertising on TV is VERY expensive. The ED ads for men are sponsored by Fortune-500 companies that have invested $100s of millions in developing the drug(s), and can afford to market it on TV, to sell it. Unless you’re in CA or maybe Miami and there is a CLINIC of plastic surgeons – I don’t think you’ll ever see breast enlargement advertising on TV. It isn’t cost-effective.

  8. Neo

    Firstly, there’s no such thing as breast enhancement pills that work. They’re a total scam; you can’t *grow* one specific body part.
    Second, if a guy can’t get hard, he just can’t physically PERFORM. Men use them for medical reasons more than aesthetic. Women can easily perform *** with small breasts; it doesn’t hurt their abilities.

  9. ? Mad Luv ?

    hicieron que hace algunos años that' viejas noticias de s

  10. Alex

    You’re obviously watching way too much television. Perhaps if you were to make human contact, with real women, you wouldn’t have such a distorted perspective.

  11. deathrider1991

    Because, most guys are not as picky it seems to the size of a woman’s breasts, and it is probably easier to get implants for boobeys.

  12. famof1

    beyonce, the hills bitches, among other celebs do enough advertising.

  13. Yourface

    Because you don’t need boobs to have *** and the media knows most women aren’t interested in bigger boobs and that most guys are very interested in having the biggest ***** ever.

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